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The Game


Interactive and real time conversation

You have intercepted a mysterious message from the past - a past which is different from ours.
In this alternative past, a XIXth uchronic century, Echo XIX^ is a time patroller who works behind the scenes of History.

You send and receive messages through time in a real time conversation with Echo XIX^.
From now on, the fate of the world and of Echo XIX^ is in your hands.

Boucles temporelles impactantes

Impressive time loops

Go back and change the past but remember that time loop effects are rarely harmless...
Whatever, revisiting the past will influence the script.

Système d'alignement

Alignment system

Will you be a protector, a daredevil or a dodger? Your play-style changes the story: 3 ways of playing,
3 different endings under the attentive gaze of "the eye", the interface through which you communicate with Echo XIX^.



From story to History

1899: a scientist should have discovered an inexhaustible energy source called « ether ».
Freely distributed worldwide, ether would have meant a new Golden Age for humanity.

2018: You get a mysterious message from a past which is different from the one we know.
In this alternative XIXth century, Echo XIX^ is a Time Patroller who works behind the scenes of History.

The mission? Avoid the "Dark Doom", a prophetic future where History seems to be converging...
The "Dark Doom" will see the end of humanity.

An alternate History

"Our story is based on real facts. Your mission: help Echo XIX^ to change History.
To save the world and... her?"

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