On which platforms can I download Chroniric XIX?

Chroniric XIX is available on the Google Play and Apple Store platforms.

Do I need to pay for the game?

On IOS : The game is available at €3,49 ($2,99) in normal price (excluding periods of pay and pre-sales).
On Androïd: The game is available in paymium. You can download the game free of charges to choose between :

  • Play with advertisements
  • Play without advertisements for €3,49. As a bonus, the DLC “The Palace of Memory” is offered.

How to remove advertisements?

If you no longer want to see advertisements anymore (visible on Androïd only), you can subscribe to the paid version of the game for 3,49€.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to play?

The game is saved on your mobile or your tablet, which allow you to play without being connected to the internet.

Do I have to create an account to play?

You don’t need to create an account to play.

Do I need Facebook, Twitter or Youtube to play?

No connection to Facebook, Twitter or Youtube is required to play at Chroniric XIX.

Can I play on my mobile and my tablet once I’ve downloaded the game?

If your mobile and your tablet use the same operating system (Android or IOS), you will have access to the game on both devices once you download it. However, your progress will not be synchronized from a device to the other.


How can I save my progress?

Your progress is automatically saved on your mobile or tablet.

If I uninstall and I reinstall, am I going to keep my progress?

No. If you uninstall and reinstall Chroniric XIX from your mobile or your tablet, you will lose your progress.

I play both on my mobile and my tablet. Does my progress is synchronized on my different devices?

Your progress is saved on your respective devices. However, no synchronization permits you to keep your progress from one device to another.

Is my progress saved when I change the language during a game ?

No. You will loose your progress if you change the language during a game.


I have an old mobile/ tablet. Will the game work on it?

The game has been tested on the most popular phone and tablet models.

  • Requires Android OS 4.1 or later.
  • Requires iOS 7.0 or later.

If you face problems, please address an email to and specify the brand, the model, the OS and year of fabrication of your device.

What place takes the game on my mobile/my tablet?

  • Andoïd : 98Mo of storage space once the game is installed
  • IOS : 98Mo of storage space once the game is installed


What is the “fast mode”?

Chroniric is a real-time game in which you chat with your interlocutor - the conversation sometimes breaks off and follows the flow of a real conversation ... The "fast mode" is a mode of the game that allows you to delete pause times in the conversation.

How to play in “fast mode”?

To play in “fast mode” you have to go to the settings and select the mode that you want.

What languages ​​are available and how to change them?

The available languages ​​are English, French, Spanish, and German. You can select the language you want by going to the game settings.

How to turn off the sound/music?

You have to go to the game settings to turn off the sound settings.

Gameplay - Choices

How to change a choice I just made?

Once you have selected your choice of answer, you can't return to your choice unless your interlocutor dies. In this case, you can perform a time loop and reset the conversation flow.

If I replay, the game will be the same?

Each of your choices determines how the game will unfold. If once the story is over, you decide to replay Chroniric XIX, your party's progress may change depending on the choices you make.

Are some choices more important than others?

All your choices will have an impact on the scenario and activate some sub-intrigues ... or not. The Eye reflects how you respond to your interlocutor and changes the color depending on whether you behave as a Protector, Daredevil or Dodger.

Are there different possible ends?

Depending on the choices you make, you will be able to access to one of the three alternative ends whose repercussions on History are radically different.

How can I play the epilogue?

To play the epilogue on iPhone, you have to finish the game.
With an Android phone, the epilogue is only available in paid version.

Gameplay - Others

What is an achievement??

Achievements are small vignettes that you collect. These achievements are very varied and reward your progress in the game. 40 achievements are scattered throughout the game; you can share them on Facebook.
Note: you keep your achievements even if you start a new game.

How to get photos and items in the inventory?

You get these images based on your choices and your progress in the story. The photos and objects you collect can help you make choices.
These images are not kept in your future games.


What is the Eye?

The Eye is an element of the interface that sometimes comments your actions. He becomes red, blue or gold depending on your actions and indicates the way you play: red for Daredevil, gold for Dodger and blue for Protector.

What are the laws of time?

The laws of the time are commandments written by the Scribes Masters. They describe how the Scribes see time. They are unlocked when the player is making progress in the story.


The game does not work correctly. How to report it?

If, despite our efforts, the game did not work properly, send an email to We will respond as soon as possible.

I have some comments to make on the game. Whom do I contact?

Do not hesitate to send an email to We will be glad to have your comments!

Why push notifications aren’t coming through to my Huawei Honor phone?

Certain mobile models from Huawei fail to send you notifications. This issue is due to Huawei's software and only Huawei can fix it. If this issue happens, please contact the Huawei's support :